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  • Ririn Ikana Desanti Unviersitas Multimedia Nusantara



helpdesk division, ITIL framework, incident management, service operation domain


Information technology is not only used as business support but also used to increase the productivity of a business process within an organization. The banking company certainly also really need the use of information technology to help improve the performance of their business processes. PT. X is a banking company that has been operating in Indonesia for more than a decade. PT. X has a vision to become the bank of choice as a bridge of economic and cultural interaction between Indonesia and China. Currently, incident management owned by PT. X does not have formal guidelines, references, and processes for handling problems or incidents. Therefore, through this research, incident management recommendation will be given to helpdesk division of PT. X with the service operation domain using the ITIL V3 framework. This framework starts from a gap analysis to find out the extent of the incident management process that has been carried out by PT. X in handling incidents, then provides recommendations and appropriate solutions also provides a helpdesk information system prototype. The final result of this research is in the form of recommendations for all incidents handling procedures and also a prototype of helpdesk information system that accommodates incident management that has passed user testing using UAT


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