• arief budiono Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo


The constitution has mandated about social warranty system based on the human dignity in UUD 1945 article 28H point 3, “Everyone has the right toward social warranty that allows the development of his or herself as a dignifiedhuman being” and article 34 point 2 in the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945 which reads,“The state develops a social warranty system for all people and empower the weak society and incapable to conform the human dignity.”This is the basis that Indonesia must strive with all the powers in order to make the prosperous society and obtain health services equitably and fairly.The goverment has been trying to accomplish the constitutional mandate in implementing social warranty system with attestation of constitution No.24 in 2011 concerning The Social Warranty Institution containing the institution which implementing the policy in carrying out the constitutional mandate in order to develop social warranty system in Indonesian and the establishment of The Social Warranty Institution (BPJS) to facilitate the implementation of national social warranty system.The constitution number 24 in year 2011 about The Social Warranty Institution is a basic for establishing BPJS in order to implement the programs of national social warranty. The establishment of BPJS is a realization of the government’s obligation toward the constitution and the rights of citizens to get social warranty system. BPJS is not only as avenue to implement the policy of national social warranty system but also to replace thetask of state-owned social insurance providers such as Jamsostek or Askes. It is a dual function of BPJS as an institution which implements the national social warranty system. This research is a library research with normative juridical method in the sense that this research is to analyze the constitution regulations that is the Constitutional Number 24 in year 2011 concerning The Social Warranty Institution (BPJS). Keywords: The Policy, Management, Social Warranty, BPJS, Insurance
Feb 28, 2019
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