• Wafda Vivid Izziyana


Every crime must have been a negativ impact, especially corruption. More macro again the impact of corruption, where corruption is getting revolutionarily. Changes in the pattern or style of corruption can lead to fragility of building a state of law, especially if the prepetrators come from the law enforcement officers, and discretionary nature of the decision makers, as well as the lack of accountability of power could lead to the proliferation of acts corruption,so corruption is always associated with the nature of monopoly, discretion, and accountability. The more centralized power, the stronger the chances of corruption at the center of power. Vice versa, if the center power is centralized  or divided, such as regional autonomy, the corruption was followed parallel to the autonomy. This is due to power moved from one center of power to the many autonomous power centers, the virus of corruption followed him move from one center of power to many centers of power. Therefore, fighting corruption isnot just the application of Article, the legal reasoning of a decision, or the interpretation of dbate among legal experts, but should be on the point of the political oligarchy – business. Keywods: Corruption, power, political, and accountability.
Feb 25, 2019
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