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Cash Flow Application, PDGI Clinic, Extreme Programming


Abstract-submission of cash statements to the leadership in a company is a very sensitive matter because it relates to the company's finances. Therefore, it requires accuracy and completeness of data from all transactions that occur. PDGI Clinic Karawang still has limitations in submitting this cash report because manual recording by typing transaction data one by one into the spreedsheet is still done today. This will certainly require twice the duration of recording when going to report creation at the end of the month. In addition, the increasing amount of data will require quite a lot of files because the recording is separated every month. The use of information systems can certainly be a good solution especially with database integration, then the old data can be stored in one place but also remain easy to be recalled. The purpose of this research is to build a system that can be used by the PDGI clinic to be able to record cash in a well-systemized manner. In this study the authors use exterme programming method in building information systems. In-depth interviews, direct system observation and literature review are the techniques we use to collect supporting data. The advantages of this application are equipped with cash position information on the dashboard page. The realization of a new system that can be used by the PDGI clinic financial administration in recording all financial transactions both entered into the company and spent is the result of our research.


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